Our story_

WELCOME TO LAUT BARU Let’s start with a little disclaimer: We are surely NOT your ordinary brand! Laut Baru believes in carrying forward the customary methods of the past, combining them with the methods of today, and creating quality lifestyle products for tomorrow every single day. Laut Baru (meaning “Clean Sea”) is an initiative taken to keep the island of Bali clean and free of plastics. It was never easy to do so on our own, which is why we’re seeking your help to achieve this. Laut Baru was fashioned for the inspirational and positive vibe of allowing people to wear what they cherish and do it in there style, all while feeling the comfort that they deserve and desire through our handmade, sustainable, and esthetically beautiful products Our purpose is to promote happiness, love, and elegance in the community by connecting people through our high-end and beautiful expressions of sentiments as we go the extra mile to exquisitely hand-craft them with pure love and care by one of our talented makers in Bali.


 There is a major problem: the plastic soup... everywhere you look there is plastic waste. It's harmful to nature and everything that lives in it, fishermen also depend on a clean sea. It is our mission to tackle the core of the problem and to involve the rest of the world to create awareness to minimize (plastic) waste. The world is big and deserves love. Together we can make the world a little cleaner.


Laut Baru (meaning “Clean Sea”) is an initiative taken to keep the island of Bali clean and free of plastics.We have decided to launch our very own lineup of bracelets made by the local people of this region to get you directly involved in our cleaning drive. Each bracelet tells a story. When you buy from us, you donate a portion of it to keep the marvelous beaches and ocean of Bali clean and plastic-free. You will be happy to know, 

we donate €25 from every sale to an independent organisation responsible for picking up plastic waste from the majestic ocean of Bali. This helps restore the natural beauty of the ocean and keep the environment clean and eco-friendly. Watch your socials for our 2 weekly Ocean clean-up with a group fare paid local residents.Also We only collaborate with precious metal - pearls suppliers who are dedicated to animal welfare. Only humans and their powerful stories are involved in every step of our process.

You can find countless ways of expression. But the sentimental value attached to an elegant jewelry or bag with the cause of protecting Earth infused within it can never be reciprocated. What bonds us is our desire to deliver you with the best as we get this going by playing to the beliefs of engraving love and passion into each piece. So, welcome to Laut Baru- Because We Care.