"Each piece of jewelry has its own story, Poseidon is exclusively designed to ignite the power within you and give you the courage to face your fears." Poseidon is inspired by the Greek God of the sea. As the name suggests, it will give you the immense power and strength to fight your fears. The best part about this design is that it is purely handcrafted and made by the people of Bali. The amulet shows his courage, strength, and power to find your way in this world which will ultimately give you the confidence to fight your fears. "Poseidon acts as a magical reminder for me when disappointments surrounds me; it makes me strong and give power when I doubt my strength," said the creative director of Laut Baru. The design is available in gold plated and sterling silver,. Since Laut Baru is a brand that supports the oceans, rivers, and lakes, Poseidon was our inspiration. We also want our members to strengthen each other, and the Poseidon amulets help connect all members through their powerful stories.