Step out in style wearing Laut Baru’s most loved bracelet!

Everyone wants to look unique. This timeless bracelet is made entirely out of sterling silver, in a stunning woven pattern, handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in the upland town of Ubud. It can’t get any more unique than this!

The bracelet turns up any dress code fabulously while looking decent and adding an extra flair to your personal style. Look noticeable anywhere you go as the sleek and slightly shimmery bracelet will have you steal all the spotlight instantly. Can be worn alone or layered with your favorite bracelets!

Want to know what we do with the proceeds?

You will be happy to know, we donate €25 from every sale to an independent organisation responsible for picking up plastic waste from the majestic ocean of Bali. This helps restore the natural beauty of the ocean

and keep the environment clean and eco-friendly. The process is very transparent and you can use the QR code on the bracelet to log onto our website and see for yourself how your donation is being used.

Let’s join hands to keep Bali clean!